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Why hire a real estate advisor?

While the first reason is often the time that the professional saves when searching and visiting the property, the advantages of hiring a real estate advisor are many. Here below are some of them.

First of all, what’s the difference with a real estate agent?

The real estate advisor, TigerRock in this case, represents and offers a set of services to the real estate buyer. The real estate agent represents and works for the seller.

1. Time saving

The real estate advisor will search for a property that matches your purchasing criteria and your real estate budget.

Visiting several properties can take quite some time, and cumulating visits can be demotivating. Your real estate advisor comes and visits the property for you, and gives you a quick. If you are interested in the property, you have the opportunity to visit the property with your advisor.

In a dynamic market as is currently the case, you have to be able to act quickly when finding an interesting property. With a real estate advisor, you can therefore react very quickly and secure the property of your choice.

2. Access to on- and off-market properties

Your real estate advisor has access to all the properties on the market - unlike the real estate agent who can only show you the properties he has for sale. Another advantage is that the real estate advisor can find you "off-market" properties.

3. A comprehensive analysis of the property

The real estate advisor will start by giving you feedback after each property visit. When you give the green light on the property, the TigerRock real estate advisor will submit a complete analysis of the condition of the property, its location, the financial metrics or even the state of the co-ownership. The advisor will then submit you his findings in the form of a bespoke report.

4. A tailor-made service

The real estate advisor is flexible and looks after your best interests. From the first meeting, the objectives of your research are clearly established and the mission begins. Whether you have already found a property, still need to find it, or if you simply need advice during a transaction, the real estate advisor is there for you.

5. Support from start to finish

The real estate advisor accompanies you from the start to the end of your project. Especially at TigerRock, we favor a long-term relationship over a simple transaction.

We will therefore be by your side throughout the process, whether it is for the search for the property, the drafting of the purchase offer, the analysis of the compromis and documentation, or even after the transaction to help you move in or manage your newly acquired property.

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